Ignite Retreat
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Ignite Your Light

Spiritual Retreat

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A Self ~Love ~ Nurture ~ Create ~Inspire ~Heal~ Weekend ~Retreat~For Women!

We have gathered together a group of incredible teachers and healers for this event. These 'spiritual midwives' will support you into ‘birthing’ into your new life.
Prepare to be amazed!
You will be loved, healed, challenged, inspired, excited and challenged(but in a good-get outside of your box kind of way) Most of all you will be loved and supported through the entire process

We are here to shake you up and shake the dust off of your life. You have a Light Inside and We want to see it!
IT’S TIME TO LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE! No more playing small, no more standing on the sidelines. This is a retreat to connect you to your inner greatness, to discover your inner passion, to share, to shift, and to evolve with a fabulous group of supportive healers and teachers and your new soul-sister friends.

These 3 days will transform you! and you will be glad they did.

Say YES to you, say YES to positive enlightening change, say YES to your inner being and say YES to communing with your soul in beautiful nature and reconnecting to the LIGHT that you are!